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Q & A

Q & A
Please show me your service.
Shared ride transfer.
For example, We make the shared ride schedule within 60 minutes.
You need to book. Call in or send e-mail no later than 5 days before the date you with to travel with us.
Reservations after this period are subject to availability only.
What hours is the service available?
Our service is available 24 hours according to your flight schedule.
What time will the taxi get to the terminal?
We pick up you to get to the terminal 2 hours before international flight (1 hour before domestic flight) time the latest. If you reguire to be there earlier, let us know please.
Where do you run to in Nagano,Niigata, and Gunma from airport?
There are the areas available we can drive. Please confirm by a leaflet or a telephone.
Is it possible to charter?
Our taxi can be privately chartered. Call us for pricing, availability,and conditions.
Do you take a rest on the way?
We provide several rest stops at per-designated location of 10~15 minutes each en route.
But if you want to rest, please call out to the driver.
When should I pay charge?
The driver would ask it at the rest time on the way.
Please tell me how to catch the car at the airport.
① Arrive at the airport.
②Clear customs and receive your luggage.
③If you need your name sign at the arrival gate, the charge 2,000yen would apply.
  *Please fill in your name in the entry field.
③Otherwise, if you call us on your arrival (after receiving luggage and clearing the custom),
 just mention your (booking) name and destination to us and move to the meeting place
 where we'll let you know when we accept your booking, the driver would come over there
 with in about 10 minutes.
  *The charge of it would not apply 
※Guests ride together.It is possible for you to wait at the airport up to 1.5 hours for the taxi.
Please tell me how to catch the car from our accommodation.
We will come at the place you make the booking.
We will inform you of the approximate time of pick up when making a booking, and you will be notified of the fixed the 3 days in advance. 
Is luggage fee in charge?
We can generally handle a maximum load of 1 suitcase and 2 carry-on per person.
For each additional luggage, a charge of 1,000yen will apply.
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